Thursday, March 4, 2010


Santa Elena Canyon is a deep cut in the Chihuahua Ridge on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande and a featured spot in Big Bend National Park as well as a dramatic trip for river rafters.  On this day, we stopped at this overlook rather than proceed to the point where the canyon merges with the river.  Soon we were joined alongside the road by several other members of the Outdoor Painters Society who were with us on this trip.




Late afternoon is a more  challenging time than  morning for a plein air painting because the shadows and colors must be anticipated.  Luckily, James Black had scouted this site and knew what it would become.




The road to Chisos Mountain Lodge has many painting opportunities throughout the day, but one has to be careful (or lucky or both).  Yesterday, the road was closed because of snow and ice - and its's the only road in and out.  Later, we found the road closed because someone drove off the road and was being towed out.  Luckily, we were able to stop at this site long enough to get an impression.  The green on the cactus is wrong, but this 11x14 can serve as a study.