Wednesday, January 27, 2010


On a recent painting excursion, I found myself in the town of Navasota in front of a beautiful stately home on Main Street.  The light and shadow pattern caught my eye so I set up for this painting.  After a while, a lovey woman walked out the front door and came over to see what I was up to.  After offering me lemonade and cookies, she informed me I was painting the entrance to The Red Door B&B where this painting now resides as part of its collection.  I am not so fortunate on all my plein air excursions, so this day was special.

Friday, January 8, 2010


Our son Todd came back from a trip to the Bolivar penninsula with a shot of his two boys trying for a last bite of the day and playing with the colors in this scene was just too tempting.


Pete was discovered by a member of our Monday painting group. Rediscovering the saxophone after many years, he played jazz hits during the break.  I've often said I'd like to paint like a jazz player plays, and Pete helped me find inspiration to do that on that day.